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Nestled on top of Gligora Dairy is our cheese tasting room where you can try all of our products.
Our Pag Cheese and other products are available all over Croatia.
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Gligora cheeses

Paski sir Gligora
Paski sir
Gligora Paski Sir is produced from the milk of Pag sheep.


Continuous development of the dairy and exhibiting at numerous trade fairs, Gligora dairy products have won many awards and earned recognitions that guarantee our quality and originality.

Welcome - Gligora Dairy

Gligora Dairy Kolan
"Paški sir je beleca
od slavulje i smilja, pelina i bušina,
drača i koromača
k'ih su zasolili ragani od dvi vale
ča su ih biliška i mrkuša
kaloka i rogulja, ćala i pećara
među babuljiman iskale"
Ivan Gligora

Bura, sheep, man, and the Island Pag. And here's a recipe for Pag Cheese, the most famous Croatian cheese.

The Bura - is a strong, cruel, unpredictable, dangerous and capricious northerly winter wind, only the strongest vegetation will survive its reach. Sultry aromatic plants like (Slavulja), Mint (Mentica), Lavender (Lavanda), Rockrose (Bušin), and Immortelle (Smilje) cling to the salted earth to escape its destruction.

Paska Ovca (Pag Sheep) – breeds have survived centuries grazing on the rocky pastures and feeding on the aromatic herbs of the Island. Adapted to survive the harsh winter conditions, Paska Ovca have become an autochthonous native breed and always, as is today, they roam freely on the rich pastures of Pag.

On the Island of Pag, only the strongest and most resilient will survive. Pag sheep and man have survived together over the ages, the sheep giving wool, leather, meat, and finally cheese which is the essence of the island. Rising before dawn in the winter Bura to milk the sheep, and building stone walls for their protection, it has never been easy on the Island of Pag...So who is the stronger, the Bura? The Island? The sheep or Man? Or a perfect fusion of unique conditions, which make Paski Sir the most distinctive cheese you will ever taste .

Gligora's new Dairy

Gligora's new Dairy
Gligora's new Dairy is one of the most modern and technologically advanced in Croatia. With 1,800m2 of floor space comprising of the production rooms, a new laboratory, offices and meeting rooms as well as a large cheese tasting room with bar.

Pag cheese (Paski sir)

Pag cheese (Paski sir)
Paski sir (Pag cheese) is our most decorated cheese, a limited cheese produced exclusively from the milk of autochthonous Pag sheep.

Sirana Gligora d.o.o.
Figurica 20, 23251 Kolan, island Pag, Croatia
Phone: +385 (0)23 698 052
Fax: +385 (0)23 698 107
URL: http://www.gligora.com